Welcome and thanks for looking. The short video above is THE WATER FALL AND POOL at the entrance to the Sarah B. Duke Gardens in Durham NC. A small group of us went there recently to photograph. There are many things beyond the flower aspect that one can see and photograph. Ponds, woods plants, trees, formal gardens, rare plant gardens and other fascinating things. On a hot day, sitting by this small waterfall is refreshing.

I like pictures, stories, and pictures that tell stories. I think any decent photograph tells us at least a fragment of a story. I am especially interested in the concept of place and a sense of place. I started thinking about this in a more serious fashion about ten years ago. My interest was spurred by my realization that I had no sense of place and really had never had one.
I am also interested in the history of photography, really history in general as reflected in photography. I taught this for seven years and it was a successful and well subscribed course. Sort of one of those things one falls into due to academic needs of the department. This blog will provide me the impetus to keep thinking and writing about things photographic from an historical and cultural perspective.

I am a retired MD, and a retired photography instructor. In this site/blog I hope to show some photographs and tell some stories–most will be related, but not all. I have had the good fortune to travel a fair amount, I am keenly interested in people and the documentary process. I hope to post some of my old essays, write some new ones, and supplement that with some photographs in this blog. It seems a good thing to do in retirement. Get started by clicking on “Photoblog” above.

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