A few days ago Roger and I were out sort of cruising in the country, waiting on the sun to get a bit lower before we photographed a really old cemetery near Siler City. I asked Roger if we hadn’t been there before, he looked around and exclaimed,“Why Yes,, this is Mount Vernon Springs.” Came to find out that these springs are both still running since Colonial Times. The name came to be when John Washington, a descendant of George Washington, built a home nearby so that he could regularly visit and gain the health yielding benefits of both drinking and bathing in the spring water. People came from far and wide to do the same thing. There was a hotel nearby for some time. It is gone now. Many people visit and fill up jugs of spring water to take home. They try to drink it as much as they can rather than tap water. Most swear by it. All say that they can taste a difference. Having had a well for the thirteen years I lived in the mountains, I also attest to the difference between spring water and city water

The springs are on the National Register of historic places, they are located near Bonlee, NC just off of Old Highway 421.