The title is a bumper sticker I had on my truck for the past ten years. The picture was made in Paris March, 2003. This was during the week after the war started. I really liked these two brothers who were leading a group in the march. There is a wonderful re-play of a slide show at Eugene Richards blog, The Run on of Time, today titled Shock and Awe. I hope that the difference between the most recent war and the conflict in Vietnam, is that we will finally learn from our mistakes. I doubt that we will, but there is always some hope. I had acquired a new camera for this trip,a Contax G1; and I thoroughly enjoyed getting out with it and shooting in the street. It remains and is the only film camera I currently own aside from several old Russian cameras. There was a lot of anti-war activity in Paris and it made for interesting photos. Many of our friends advised against going to France at all, but we have always been bold and decided to deal with it. I was so happy that the French people were extremely nice and hospitable, they have always been so as far as we are concerned. We experienced no hostility, avoided any political discussions, and only heard one tirade from a Frenchman–the man who was managing the Cave at Puligny in Burgundy where we stopped for a wine tasting. He was outraged by the spectacle of Americans pouring wine into the sewers in protest of France’s position against the war (remember Freedom Fries). Hopefully, it was not Montrachet, but who knows?