Many look, few see. I wish I had a quarter for each time Charlie Morrell said that to me. Charlie was the Sancho Panza to Al Weber’s Don Quixote, we met at one of Al’s workshops. I have thought a lot about that simple statement since I first heard it. I have read other things like The Tao of Photography by Phillippe L. Gross and S.I. Shapiro, which in many more words say the same thing and more. Charlie was all about keeping things simple. Unfortunately Charlie got sick and died a few years back and I still, like many others, miss him. He took pictures incessantly.

I have had many times when I have just been too spell-bound by what I was seeing to make a photo. Sometimes I realize that I should be doing that and then do it hurriedly, missing out on a good image. Other times it just seems natural to be looking through the viewfinder and hopefully seeing a good part of what the camera sees. Recently I have been going out and exploring the territory around my new address. It is of much interest because I actually was born here in Chatham County. I have no ties to the County other than it being next to Orange County where I lived and worked for a considerable time, but it seems like an interesting place. Getting out with a camera and seeing what I can find might not only help me be more familiar with where I am now living, it might even yield an occasional decent photograph. If spring will finally make up its mind and get here (or send its formal regrets), then that plan might come to fruition sooner.

So I think that I will venture out an about and hope that while I’m looking around, I might actually see something. If so, I’ll make a photo.