What sort of person would want a sports car that goes from 0 to 60 in 13 seconds flat? By today’s standards that is definitely not acceleration, it’s barely gaining momentum. This car has an 1800 cc. engine, makes about 100 horsepower, and has a stylish Italian Pininfarina designed body. If you don’t know it is the MG B GT. I know this because I recently was the foster parent of one for three months and last Friday it sold! There are still people out there who adore these cars. They drive them on week-ends, have meetings and car club events. Some are still raced in the SCCA E- production, (not the GT, but the “B’s”. The MG B-GT weighs 251 pounds more than the Roadster. In spite of this weight, the sexy Italian aerodynamic styling allows it to get to over 100 mph!

When my niece moved to the great North land, the MG piggy stayed home. She left it with a person who was going to sort out and repair its enumerable problems. As it turns out most of these issues rested in his imagination and with his bank account, but that is another story I’ll never write. Got this car in my garage and discovered it needed a new battery. Replaced that, had a buyer come look at it and it was dead as a doornail. Also after charging it up and trying again, the alternator got fried. Discovered that all the voltage in the car was negative when checked with a voltmeter. Looked at the battery connections and discovered that the red cable was hooked to chassis as the ground, so we had done most things backwards. First lesson on these cars: TRUST NOTHING and NOBODY! Once that was all straightened out tried to start it as it had a day earlier. It wouldn’t budge. Noted that I could not hear the fuel pump anymore and there was no power at the coil. Looked at wiring diagram and lo and behold! there is a white wire that goes from ignition to these two places. Looked for it, easily found as its ends were hanging below the dash. The connector was a total mess. basically a “touch” connection. Replaced it with a more secure connector and pushed wire up so that it would not be pulled by those getting in and out of the car, and car promptly turned over and we took a victory lap around the block. So much for the thousand spent “tracing electrical faults” up in the mountains.When it was back in the garage noted a puddle of coolant on the floor trickling out from under the car. It seemed to be at the firewall, so I concluded that it was likely the heater core-it wasn’t. All prospective buyers believed it was a cracked engine block or cylinder head or head gasket. Doomsayers all. Took it to neighborhood garage and those guys were really nice to me and the car. An hour later after running it hard in place one could see a stream of coolant  jetting toward the rear of the engine compartment. The leak had revealed itself. A twenty-dollar hose and all was well. Pronounced a cure, a nice MG aficionado showed up the next morning and paid cash for it! By now I had a crush on it and really hated to see it leave. My wife however was pleased. It only took ten weeks to learn what a cash hog these cars can be. But, in their favor parts are plentiful. fairly cheap, and generally easy to replace. This is still a great sports car in the real tradition that the home mechanic can work on, keep tuned, and have a load of fun driving.

MY Favorite View

My Favorite View