Finally I am moving forward with a project that somehow has eluded me for several years. When asked why I don’t put these pictures together in a book I always just whine and mumble. I do that because I am ashamed to admit that I’m scared to try to do it. I am afraid that I want to be able to do the project justice. I don’t quite know why, but that’s really the truth. The project is a wonderful story of two little boys and an extraordinary mother who helped her two handicapped sons make their home truly “their PLACE.” The brothers lived there for more than sixty years. Eventually age, family demands, and state cutbacks created a situation where it was time for them to go to a sheltered adult care home. I have seen them out and about since they moved and they are doing well. Happy, cheerful, and enjoying their new place. Last week I decided to make a Blurb book that told the story of how as children they papered the walls of their home with their drawings and cutouts from magazines and catalogs. I have a basic structure now, what I learned from Sam Abell is called a “blad.” Basic layout and design. I have learned a lot about the practice of “wall papering” or the use of newsprint to cover the walls and create some barrier to the cold and wind. The image here is from the upstairs loft bedroom that was the last room decorated with cutouts. This was done by one of the brothers and a cousin when they were about twenty or so years old. This is the most organized, sophisticated decoration job; but the others are more exciting and inspirational. I’ll put a few more up as I go along.