Welcome to this website. I am busy transitioning from a very basic static style to a more attractive and responsive design, please bear with me. You might notice a big gap in activity. Unfortunately I have been fairly ill. I have collected a lot more medical hardware, been enrolled in a drug study at Duke which has been extremely useful, and getting careful management of my treatment from a superb internist at UNC. I have managed to get out and about to take a few photographs along the way, but it has been a struggle at times.

I hope to post photographs and bits of interesting photographic news and history on this site. I will try to keep it interesting and not so mundane. I will appreciate any feedback.

The details of my life can be read in my resume. One of the more interesting things is that 76 years ago I got my start in Siler City. I had no ties to Chatham County and returning to this place has no real planned significance. As Al Wood said after the Heels loss to Indiana in a Final Four years ago, “Sometimes it just be’s that way.” A lot of my life, and I suspect many others, just happened “to be that way.” I will probably beat that topic to a pulp. We shall see.

The photos below come from France and Cuba. Neither in big cities, but near to the large cities.The one on the left is a protestor who asked me to take his picture; the other is just a dog who has found  bit of shade in Baracoa, a fishing village outside Havana. These pictures represent what I am interested in. I love to photograph people doing their thing. I have little or no interest in studio photography, but I have great respect for those who pursue that style photography. In the other image I find the various lines intriguing.

And, I really like dogs.